Cima Big Box

Large groups of pigs

Cima BigBox components

For optimal management of large groups of pigs

Uniform Pig

Sorting scale pen fully made of stainless steel equipped with:

• Weighing unit on flexing load cells 
Adjustable entrance door
Exit doors
• Door movement cylinder control solenoid valves 
Pneumatic calibration devices and operating pressure adjustment

UNIFORM PIG is the tool used to manage the CIMA BIG BOX, to control pig weight gain and to sort animals into homogeneous groups.

Uniform Matic

Control unit with specific software to manage the UNIFORM PIG sorting scale pen equipped with:

LED display to view weights 

LCD monitor to view settings and weight reports
• interface programming keyboard with USB port to download files with data regarding the checked and sorted pigs.

UNIFORM MATIC processes weight data and controls pig sorting operations both at the inlet and outlet of the UNIFORM PIG sorting scale pen.


CIMA BIG BOX is equipped with a stainless steel gate, which allows for one-way transit of the pigs leaving the UNIFORM PIG sorting scale pen during the sorting stage, as well as from the feeding and the rest areas.

Cima Big Box

With this innovative pig breeding system in pens holding large groups of 250-300 pigs, CIMA  has created and provided farmers with a weighing and sorting system, which is fundamental for:

monitoring production performance

assessing the genetic potential  of pigs

creating homogeneous groups of animals to move to other pens

loading homogeneous pigs for sale

Slaughter pig uniformity is fundamental, especially for deadweight assessments, where every single pig is evaluated and must meet specific weight requirements to obtain the highest prices without penalties. 

This system can be integrated in any pig farm to support traditional breeding techniques or as a new management system.

CIMA BIG BOX is simple to construct and has flexible dimensions, enabling it to be used in any environment.

Functional diagrams

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